For all your commercial electrical systems

Are you a small, medium or large business owner? No matter the scope of the project, Kane-Tech will take it on as per your specifications. Our electrical services offer is limitless and can be adapted to your particular needs : no surprises, no undue delays and no useless extra costs. You can rely on our expertise and on our integrity to accomplish your projects without hassle. In addition to our complete residential services, which can be adapted to your commercial projects, these are a few of our specialties; call us for installation, maintenance, refurbishing or repair of all your commercial appliances or electrical systems!

Our commercial electrical services

● Installation and maintenance of energy efficient lighting systems
● Installation and maintenance of emergency exit lighting systems and lighted panels
● Wiring and installation of electrical equipment
● Telephone, internet and electronics cabling
● Installation of voltage step-down transformers
● Installation and maintenance of electrical heating, ventilation and air conditioning
● Electrical emergency services
● Installation of overvoltage protection components
● General electrical system maintenance