Our residential electrical services

Whether it is the creation of a circuit, a new construction, the maintenance or refurbishing of part of or the whole electrical system, we will be happy to participate in your project! Kane Tech’s expertise and reputation speaks for itself.

Here are a few of our specialties in residential projects; call us for installation, maintenance, refurbishing or repair of all your residential appliances or electrical systems!

Interior electrical services

● Optic fiber and coaxial cable installation
● Installation and maintenance of television systems
● Installation and maintenance of speaker/sound systems
● Installation and maintenance of call and paging horn systems
● Installation and maintenance of starters, circuit breakers and disconnectors
● Installation and maintenance of electrical heating systems
● Installation and maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning control systems
● Installation and maintenance of lighting systems
● Installation, maintenance and update of electrical pannels
● Telephone, internet and network wiring
● Small appliances, intercoms and doorbells

Electrical systems

● Installation of generators
● Installation of transformers
● Starters, circuit breakers and disconnectors maintenance
● Read and interpret electrical circuits
● Installation and maintenance of counters
● Installation and maintenance of grounding and bonding installations
● Installation and maintenance of low voltage single and three-phase distribution
● Installation and maintenance of uninterruptible power systems
● Installation and maintenance of emergency lighting systems
● Creation of preventative maintenance best practices

Pools and spas

● Spas and Jacuzzi cabling and connexion
● Installation of emergency generators
● Installation and maintenance of pool and spa pumps
● Installation and maintenance of pool heating and lighting systems

In short we offer complete electrical services to cater to your needs. To take advantage of our incredible services at competitive prices, contact-us or stop by and visit us!